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  • National Recovery Night at the Baseball Game!

    National Recovery Night at the Baseball Game!

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  • WHYY NewsWorks: Women and Binge Drinking

    WHYY NewsWorks: Women and Binge Drinking

    The rate of binge drinking among women increasing in Pennsylvania is a featured topic on WHYY's popular website "NewsWorks." Here's an excerpt from the interview posted on the site this week... ... Bev Haberle confirms the data, saying she sees more clients at the Women's Recovery Community Center in New Britain, which is run by her group, The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania. "I think that many of the issues that lead women into drinking need to be unbundled," said Haberle. "And having a safe place to talk about some of those things that are in a gender specific atmosphere can really help women get a handle on what they can do and how they can learn to manage." The availability of alcohol and the stress of being a working parent has more women drinking, Haberle said...

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  • 40 Years of Volunteer Support in Our Recovery Community

    We’ve come a long way baby! Since our grassroots organization sprouted in 1975, The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania. Inc. has grown to 10 recovery community support locations throughout our 5-county area. Our volunteers are the lifeline of our organization. So we are kicking off our anniversary year of celebrations during Volunteer Appreciation Month—a time when we can show our appreciation for our hundreds of volunteers. The Council will host events at three of our recovery community centers in Bucks and Philadelphia on Wednesday, April 29, with an Open House for visitors during the day (details below)—and Volunteer Celebration events later on.

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  • May Series: Family Support for Loved Ones in Addiction

    Most families are in denial an average seven years about their loved one’s addiction. If you think you or someone you love has a drug or alcohol problem, The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc., provides help and hope free of charge. The Council’s monthly Family Education Program is offered at 10 locations throughout our five-county area for friends and family of a loved one caught in the throes of addiction. The three-part series is a unique support system, led by trained volunteers who have been through similar experiences on the road to recovery. They offer confidential guidance and resources to help people in a caring atmosphere with other people in the same situation, who want to understand addiction and the recovery process. The series is free, but contributions are welcome.

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  • Rethinking Stereotypes: Overdosing in Older Adults

    Rethinking Stereotypes: Overdosing in Older Adults

    According to Stacey Conway, Ph.D., The Council's director of evaluation and outcomes, "Family and friends are usually the first to notice an older parent or other loved one struggling with falls and failing memory, who may now seem more accident prone; but they may just chalk it up to the aging process. And maybe that's all it is. Or maybe there's something more significant and avoidable at play. "

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  • Certificate in Supporting Youth Recovery Program!

    Certificate in Supporting Youth Recovery Program!

    This new and exciting program goes beyond the current requirements for the CRS credential by providing students with enhanced and specialized training to work with youth, young adults and their families.

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  • Raise Money for The Council While you Shop!

    Raise Money for The Council While you Shop!

    Donate to The Council while you shop at no cost to you! Learn about our Amazon Smile and Scrip programs here.

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