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Council & Recovery News

Video: Prescription Drug Abuse with A. Thomas McLellan, Ph.D.

Be a Part of the Conversation presented "A Conversation on Prescription Drug Abuse" with Dr. Tom McLellan on March 18, 2014.  Watch this must see video of Dr. McLellan's powerful presentation about Prescription Drug Abuse . . . America's fastest growing drug problem here:

You Make a Difference Award

David Anastasi received the “You Make A Difference Award” at The Council's March 21, 2014 Board Meeting. David has been an outstanding program facilitator with The Council for many years. A participant of one of his groups put it this way "This man . . . had the ability to teach, amuse, admonish, discuss, bring levity to, bring seriousness to and generally hold the rapt attention of as diverse a 20 person group as is possible.  He was in a word, remarkable."  Congratulations Dave and thank you for making a difference!


Council Board Member Rose McMenamin Elected President of FBA

Rose McMenamin, Council Board Member and vice president of business development at 3rd Federal Bank, was recently elected as president of the Feasterville Business Association (FBA).  She has been affiliated with the FBA for many years, has held various board of director positions and led the monthly speakers committee before joining the board.   

The Council's Sara Colvin featured in PBS39's Focus: Bucks County Drug Court

PBS39's Focus reporter Grover Silcox explains the inner workings of Bucks County Drug Court, an alternative for some people facing criminal drug charges and state prison sentences. The video features the story of our own Sara Colvin, Montgomery County Project Coordinator.